What is Gold-Filled?

Zoaje is a French brand of dainty handmade jewelry.

We choose to use Gold-filled instead of Gold-plated. We believe that the beauty of owning jewelry is, in part, the relationship between owners and their jewels.



what is gold-filled?

Gold-filled jewelry are made with a base metal (most often Brass) covered by a very thick layer of 14k solid gold with a process combining pressure and heat.


At Zoaje, we only use gold-filled imported from the United States since it is the only country holding the patent for producing gold filled with every component having the hallmark “14KGF”.

To be classified as gold-filled jewelry, the piece is legally required to contain at least 5% of its overall weight in solid gold but the average is between 5 ~ 10%.


why choose gold-filled?



At Zoaje, we use 14k yellow Gold-filled and 14k rose Gold-filled raw materials to handcraft our dainty jewelry.

our gold-filled earrings

our gold-filled necklaces

our gold-filled bracelets

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