Escape To The Deep Blue Mediterranean Sea With The GREECE Set

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As summer is around the corner, ZOAJE is glad to introduce you to its GREECE set in 14k gold-filled and natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone.


necklace and earrings

The GREECE set main piece is a round shaped Lapis Lazuli gemstone. The celestial blue color of the stone is the same as the Mediterranean Sea surrounding Greece. Its round shape also reminds of the blue rooftops we can find walking down the streets of Santorini.

Filled with gold flecks, the gemstone represents Greece thousand islands lost in the deep blue sea. This collection's purpose is to give you a fresh sea breeze feeling anywhere you wear it to.


origin and meaning

Also known as the Zodiac stone of Sagittarius, Lapis lazuli gemstones are famous for their intense royal blue color filled with gold flecks. The celestial blue of the stone is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth; it was often reduced to the most expensive ultramarine pigment.

For generations, they have been offered to family members or friends as they represent one’s willingness to work on difficult relationships. Also known to bring calmness to life, Lapis lazuli is recommended for people having a stressful job.


all our tips

Certified hypoallergenic and time-resistant, there is no limit with this set. We recommend wearing the necklace and earrings together if you're wearing bright clothes. The intense color of the GREECE set is enough to highlight your overall outfit.

Brunettes and long-haired girls can focus on wearing the GREECE necklace with the VIETNAM earrings. The gold V-shaped earrings will stand out from your hair and brighten your skin tone giving it a fresh look, as the blue necklace creates a contrast between your skin and hair color. It is a nice way to balance colors.


You can also pair the GREECE earrings with the VIETNAM necklace if you are looking to emphasize the color of your eyes. This combination is particularly recommended for girls with short or light hair.


The GREECE collection is the perfect gift to offer to close relatives

- or to yourself!