Reason 1/5: Why You Should Buy Handmade

Today, we live in a consumer society where, from enormous earrings to minimal necklace, the choice is endless but there is a real difference between buying handcrafted jewelry and mass-produced ones.


Contributing to a dream

When you buy handmade products, you support real people. You know your money will directly contribute to the financial independence of the artist and the local economy. You are supporting designers you admire for their creations, investing directly in the dream they are building and sharing. No big corporation is cashing and splitting the money!

Camille  - Every time she receives your orders 👏🏻

Camille - Every time she receives your orders👏🏻

Tight-knit community

Support artists and you support the community around them. At ZOAJE we choose to only work with independent businesses, from partners to suppliers, we all form a tight-knit supply chain that grows along the community around us, including you. 

Quality is reflected in the time spent building those relationships. We carefully choose natural gemstones from suppliers we personally know and trust since years. Every detail has its importance. We also recently partnered with MOHME, a French apparel brand, with which we share office and ideas every day.

Hélène @MOHME - Camille @ZOAJE - Maude @MOHME

Hélène @MOHME - Camille @ZOAJE - Maude @MOHME

One-on-one relationship

The benefit of buying handmade is in developing a closer relationship with an artist than spending money in a department store. Investing in handcrafted jewelry means forming a one-on-one relationship with the crafter. You get a chance to know the designers. He will personally take the time to tell his story, his inspiration and make sure you are satisfied with your shopping experience.

Every comment and feedback are warmly received and are taken into account.

All this to say THANK YOU for choosing handcrafted and supporting ZOAJE and our dreams.


Join our community, we are waiting for you with open arms!