Reason 3/5: Why you should buy handmade

It is hard work for a designer to create an exclusive piece of jewelry. The designing process by itself takes a long time so it made sense for Camille -the designer of ZOAJE- to use long-lasting materials.



The value of time


Camille only works with precious metals such as 14k gold-filled, 14k solid gold and 925 sterling silver so her designs last for years if not a lifetime. She also carefully selects natural gemstones so each one of them is unique and adds value to the piece.


“Choosing the right gemstone is not that easy. I only keep the most beautiful ones! One by one I select gemstones with colorful reflects and put away the dull ones. It already happened for me to only use a third of a batch because the rest was not good enough to represent my designs!”

The care and devotion designers put into their work make each jewelry a piece of art.

No machinery involved

Designers using expensive lasting materials tend to do everything themselves, no machinery is involved. At Zoaje, everything is internal. From polishing gemstones to painting the display or even assembling the packaging, everything is homemade!

Machines indeed cannot be as thorough as the creator. To avoid defective productions, only designers can pay attention to small details and see the real difference between lasting jewelry and a mass-produced, “disposable” one. Furthermore, not using machines saves electricity! A little plus for our planet.


A personalized service

What is the difference between handmade and mass-produced jewelry? Mass-production might be cheaper but it breaks easily and you cannot customize the piece. With handmade jewelry, you can always ask the creator directly for customizations and repairs.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 12.33.08.png

It will be done quickly and the designer will always be happy to answer your questions and share the information you are looking for.


Handcrafted jewelry are of better quality and with proper care, they can even last forever. Zoaje makes sure to keep its pieces affordable so everyone can enjoy their own handcrafted jewelry.

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