Enjoy the beginning of Autumn with our CHILE set

Autumn is gently showing up and as we still love to enjoy the sunny days, we're glad to introduce to you our new CHILE set. It is one of the most colorful set of our “Casually Wild” collection.

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From Earth to ice

Travel through the chilian landscapes wearing our CHILE set. The blue Sodalite gemstone will remind you of the Patagonia lakes surrounded by the snowy mountains.  Thanks to this vibrant combination of powerful blue with light white shades, this collection adds up an elegant and bohemian touch to your outfit.

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“L'automne est un deuxième printemps où chaque feuille est une fleur.” ~ Albert Camus


Necklace and bracelet


Origin and benefits

The Sodalite gemstone is known for its mystical royal blue appearance and to possess a brighter shade than its sister stone, Lapis Lazuli. The blue and white gemstone, reminds us of the ocean swell and the icy Patagonian glaciers. We also fancy this gemstone for its magical synergy of minerals which are known for loyalty and courage.

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Tips for Autumn

Choosing the perfect outfit with this season may be challenging. We love stacking necklaces and bracelets together, as we love mixing them with other pieces.

Our tips is to wear the CHILE necklace paired with the OMAN necklace, as it accentuates the deep blue stone shades and the gold color.

For an effortless chic look, we suggest one of our favorite combinations of the season: our CHILE bracelet paired with the PORTUGAL one.

We love wearing this set with a white blouse or a floral top in order to uphold the jewelry.




At Zoaje, we support the slow-fashion movement and an eco-conscious manufacturing process which goes through selecting natural gemstones for all our creations. This allows our jewelry to have a unique shape, color and reflection making every piece unique. Unlike synthetic gemstones, our all-natural gemstones are a miracle of nature and haven’t been transformed or affected by any treatments. Moreover, we carefully select our suppliers around the word to provide you the best quality of gemstones and 14k Gold-filled.