Spend a wonderful weekend with ZOAJE!

We hope our last article “One day, one mood” about weekday life with ZOAJE inspired and soothed you. Let’s continue this journey by sharing a weekend with ZOAJE. Let wildness, elegance and relaxation mix up for a perfect weekend.



Believe in serendipity

Saturday is shopping day! We have all experienced the time when we went shopping to look for a new pair of jeans and we end up buying everything else than jeans. We want to introduce you to serendipity. It's the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance.

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Our Saturday color: GOLD

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Our ZOAJE piece: BARBADOS Earrings

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As a unique human being in this prosperous busy city, we are all chasing after our own dreams and longings. Let’s all be seekers of arts and beauty. Believe in serendipity, and serendipity will come to you.

Our Saturday pleasure: bralette



Take a deep breath

Take it slow and give your body a chance to catch up with your soul.

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Our Sunday color: LIGHT PINK

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Our ZOAJE piece: MALTA & JAPAN Necklaces Set

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A healthy brunch on Sunday is the perfect choice after a lively Saturday night. A Berry Acai bowl, a coffee, or eggs…... you name it!

Our Sunday taste: detox drink

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At ZOAJE, we design and handcraft quality jewelries made for you and your everyday life. We wish you a wonderful summer!

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