10 things you might not know about ZOAJE

As transparency is one of our values we are today, releasing 10 interesting facts about Zoaje you may not know about. Discover them now !

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Each set of jewelry is created in a limited number of pieces, all handcrafted by Camille and her team in her “Atelier”. As the raw materials used are precious and to avoid wastes, we only make-to-order the quantities so there is no “sleeping” stock. Because we make everything in-house and sell directly to our customers, our products are priced to ensure you’re getting the best deal for the quality we provide. In light of this, we prefer to keep our prices fair instead of increasing them to then offer discounts when sales period is on. However, we are pleased to offer the free shipping of the items.

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ZOAJE’s creations are all made out of 14 carats Gold-filled. This raw material, patented in the USA, consists of the application of a strong solid gold layer on a metal base with heat and pressure. Gold-filled is not to be confused with Gold-plated as there is 50 to 100 times more gold in a Gold-filled product than in a Gold Plated one. This makes Gold-filled jewelry a very good alternative to Solid-gold jewelry.

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Did you know toothpaste has the faculty to clean your jewelry without damaging them? The toothpaste will smoothly clean your jewelry and give them back their natural shine. On dry jewelry, add a little bit of toothpaste with your hands (no toothbrush) and let the magic happen for 3~4 minutes. Rinse with clear water until all the paste is off and dry with a tissue.

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All our creations have a unique country name as reference name. The brand concept is based around traveling, reflecting the wanderlust of the two founders. These name may be chosen from an inspiration, the origin of the stone or the shape reminding us of a memory experienced in the country. ZOAJE founders always come back with fresh new ideas and designs from their travels.

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Have you heard about jacket earrings? Let us introduce you to these amazing creations. They are composed of 3 pieces: the stud, the jacket and the clasp. You can wear them with the jacket is in front or in the back.

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We believe in slow-fashion, eco-conscious manufacturing and long lasting materials. That’s why we only use natural gemstones for our creations. We certify that all gemstones are natural and authentic and haven’t been shaped or modified by chemicals or color dyes.

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We design all our studs in 14k Solid Gold. This high concentration of solid-gold is a certification of quality and allow you to wear your piece for lifetime (and even after!).

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We stand for producing high-end creations and this involves using only Gold-filled components for the whole jewelry process. In order to make some savings, some brands use little components (like small rings or clasps) in gold-plated as they are a much cheaper option. At ZOAJE, all the pieces of your jewelries are made in the same 14k Gold-filled material in order to have an all-precious creation. Moreover, we only use Gold-filled components so that your jewelry “ages” the same way everywhere.

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Make it short or long thanks to our special clasp depending on your mood and let yourself shine in any occasions! Our tip: this adjustable slider bead is very useful when staking your necklace with others of different lengths.

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Hypoallergenic jewelry is specifically made for those who experience allergic reactions to certain types of metals. Most people who have an allergic reaction are reacting to nickel. Using 14k Gold-filled 14k or solid gold jewelry will allow you to be completely allergy free.


We hope you have learned a little more on the brand and stay available if you have any other questions. Have a beautiful week

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