Hit the Back-to-School week with our NAMIBIA set

This week is the official “Back-to-School” week, but ZOAJE team doesn’t want summer to end so soon. We have showcased you the essentials of the NAMIBIA set to keep you longing and dreaming of your amazing summertime.



Wander the deserts to find the surreal beauty of Namibia with this set made of 14 carats gold filled and natural gemstone.

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The Red Jasper stone reminds us of the terracotta and desert dunes and when matched with gold elements, this collection brings an elegant and boho summer touch to your look.


The necklace

The necklace is one of Camille’s favorite piece of this collection. The half-moon became a classic ZOAJE shape and with this warm color and textured chains, the NAMIBIA necklace is a must-have piece. The colors of the red jasper are warm-hearted and reflect the shades of a beautiful summer sunset.

Our ZOAJE piece :  Namibia Necklace

Our ZOAJE piece : Namibia Necklace


Earrings and bracelet

The natural lines and textures of the gemstone create a raw but refined natural look. The earring’s design inspiration come from the classic hoops with a twist in the shape making them unique and easy to wear.

This timeless piece can easily be worn for any occasion, depending on how you make it match with your other accessories. The bracelet looks stunning on glowingly tanned skin. This piece of jewelry is great worn alone or matched with our OMAN or ITALY bracelets.

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Stone benefits


Red Jasper is known to increase emotional stamina, self-confidence, self-trust and emotional protection. Wearing this on your back-to school week will make you feel amazing and ready to kick in the month with faith.

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Our tips

The greatest aspect of this set is that with its powerful features, it will turn any simple outfit to a fabulous look. Our favorite way to wear it: a white shirt, jeans and some cool colorful sneakers. Together with the NAMIBIA necklace, it brings the whole outfit to another level, trust me!

Our selection : NAMIBIA & OMAN Necklaces

Our selection : NAMIBIA & OMAN Necklaces

We wish you a beautiful back-to-school week and may all the great energies captured this summer be with you.

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