Escape to a dream island with the TURKEY set

Symbol of the Oceans, the colorful Turkey set made of 14k gold-filled and natural blue Turquoise gemstone was created for Summer holidays!


bracelet and ring

The Turkey set’s name comes from its gemstone; indeed, Turquoise was French for “Turkish” during the 17th century.


With a layered and dainty chain, wearing the bracelet will take your mind on a journey through a paradisiac island surrounded by clear blue water.


Its eye-catching and vibrant color will give a charismatic glow to your mood.


This collection’s purpose is to remind you of your happy place.


origin and meaning

Blue Turquoise represented in ancient times the connection between Earth and Heaven and is the symbol of the oceans of Earth.

frize feuille-01.jpg

The gemstone has personal protection properties, it is a stone full of energetic vibrations linking you to the life-giving elements of water and air.

Turkey set-04.jpg

Turquoise is known to appease emotional wounds and relieve you from chronic stress. Its healing energy will help you find a sense of self-confidence and give you a new way to approach life.


all our tips

The Turkey set will add a pop of color to brighten your basic everyday wardrobe. From light colored clothes to flashy patterns, the Turkey bracelet and ring fit every look. 


Made of gold-filled, the set is not scared of water! So bring your jewelry to the pool and match your bikini with it for a guaranteed success.


You can opt for a bohemian look by stacking the Turkey set with other jewelry. Stack the Turkey ring with simple gold rings such as the Italy ring to enhance the blue of the stone.


As for the Turkey bracelet, the layered chain and the stone’s natural color will create a perfect boho-chic style.