Blossom Voyage

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We are delighted to introduce to you ZOAJE latest collection “Blossom Voyage”.

The newest launch of the collection of beautiful jewelry sets. True art isn’t limited through any geographical boundaries. Our summer collection is based on artistically inspirational places, including DENMARK, OTTAWA, LETTONIE, FUJI, KYOTO, and BORABORA. We are sure you’ll love our new collection at first sight!



Blossom: The pieces reflect a blossom pink hue with a neutral light tone that gives incredible feminine energy. With a sober yet exceptional texture, the jewelry pieces can be your everyday companion and unique accessories.

Japan: What would be more incredible than getting an opportunity to wear the pink blossom from the cherry trees from Tokyo in the form of jewels?

Rosa: Witness the beautiful combination of magenta and rosa in our pieces. The exceptional designs brighten up the creativeness of Rosa-filled pieces of jewelry.

Summer: With the best tints of spring ranging from warm to vibrant shades, you can get the pieces that best suit your outfits. The texture and design of the new collection are made for your blossom.

Gold: The uniquely curated pieces with the rich filling of gold look both classy and dainty.

White: A perfect spring collection launch couldn’t be completed without a range of pure white gems. Shiny yet sober, with a feel of decency.

New shapes with character are also being introduced in this collection, such as rectangular-shaped chain, thick boho hoops earrings and original ring combos- just to name a few.

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