Everyday is jewelry day


/for every occasion/

A piece of jewelry can say more than a thousand words… But what exactly is your jewelry saying to someone?

We have been wearing jewelry for thousands of years, traditionally worn as a symbol of wealth and power. That’s no longer the case since nowadays, jewelry is something most people can afford. If you give jewelry as a gift, it’s generally seen as a token of love. Jewelry is beautiful and timeless, so we often relate a specific piece of jewelry to a person or event. However, choosing the right jewelry is essential because it does matter whether you give someone a finger ring or a necklace.


/close to the heart/

A necklace is a beautiful symbol of love. The necklace can have many different lengths but always lies next to the heart – which is why it’s the perfect gift for someone you hold dear.

Choose a simple and timeless chain in gold or silver and add a personal look with a pendant that suits the recipient – such as letters, symbols, or numbers.


/the safe present/

Choose a pair of beautiful earrings if you want to play it safe. They’re always a hit and are our ZOAJE signature pieces. Go for a pair of small, classic studs with a small stone or bigger earrings if your recipient like to stand out. Their size doesn’t need to be adjusted; they can be worn by everyone and at ZOAJE, we can even customize our earrings for non-pierced ears.


/for a special person/

Historically, the ring symbolizes alliances, status, and even magic – a symbol of love and belonging.


/for those who love jewelry/

A bracelet is a perfect gift for someone who loves jewelry. You can combine and stack bracelets in numerous ways, wear several on your wrist simultaneously, and mix colours, styles, and looks.

Jewelry is a timeless gift that transcends life’s occasions. Whether it’s for someone special, to commemorate an event in your life, or just want to gift yourself, jewelry carries powerful and meaningful sentiments with each piece.

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