How to stack your rings with ZOAJE



Are you crazy about rings and always looking for new styling ideas? Finding just the right combination of rings can be challenging, which is why we are sharing our tips for creating the perfect ring-stacking look.In the ZOAJE universe, you will find a wide variety of designs, from statement pieces with gemstones to dainty gold bands with textures making it sometimes difficult to know which rings to use for the perfect combination. Don’t worry, we have curated for you our guide to stacking rings for a cool and balanced look. All our rings are made from 14 carats Gold filled, they’re water resistant and tarnish-free, made for our daily life!


/materials and textures/

When mixing and matching your rings, the safest choice will be a combination of yellow Gold-filled rings in different styles with and without gemstones. Therefore, start by choosing a dominant style that you could wear on your middle finger, or you index. You can then integrate 1-2 pieces of other textures or colours, like silver or rose gold, for your combination. If you are unsure which to mix, keeping it as simple as possible by using only one metal is always a good idea.


/one finger free/

Stacking your rings can quickly go from being “just enough” to “too much,” so we recommend you only put rings on maximum four of your fingers, ideally 3. Leaving at least one finger ring-free helps create a balanced and cool look. We believe the best result is achieved by leaving your thumb or little finger ring-free, but the final look is entirely up to you.


/style and design/

Creating a harmonious expression when combining your rings is a delicate balance. You achieve the best result by combining different sizes and designs. You can mix statement rings, chainrings, and dainty band rings – the only limit is your imagination. However, if you choose to wear a statement ring, it is important that the rest of your rings have a simple design so that the statement ring can stand out.

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