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At ZOAJE, we aim at spreading positivity and empowering women with our timeless jewellery collection. We believe that confidence comes from within when you not just look good but also feel good.


/capsule collection/

The inspiration behind our new capsule collection to curate an empowering line that embodies life transitions. Change is a constant in our lives and life transitions can be a turning point. It can be challenging but ultimately, leads you to a better version of yourself.

This limited-edition Capsule Collection is created to let you shine through every phase of life. The bold and refined pieces are perfect for women who can take up any challenge in style.


/boho vibe/

The patterns of the natural Dalmatian Jasper gemstone give the pieces a stunning boho vibe. The neutral colors and our thoughtful design add an unmatched elegance to the collection. It’s a perfect representation of how life transitions can be thrilling when changes are welcomed positively. Dalmatian jasper gathers all the natural properties that are needed for a smooth life transition.



The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings that will instantly steal your heart. You can use it as everyday wear or rock it as a statement piece to enhance any look. The collection wears the names of French cities and is inspired by the French style, effortlessly chic style, and the roots of Camille, founder, and designer of ZOAJE.



These are also the perfect idea to gift a woman who is moving into a new phase of life. It is a great way to express our love, care, and good wishes for a woman who is ready to take on the world.

This new capsule collection bought a smile on our faces when we created them and we hope they are going to garner more love and appreciation when we bring it to you.

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