a few words about us


The Brand

ZOAJE is a French brand of thin handmade jewels created by a French couple living in Shanghai: Camille and Clement.

Camille has always loved designing and making jewels since the early age and Clement has always been passionate about branding and entrepreneurship, that’s how ZOAJE was created in 2013.


They carefully choose unique raw materials, design and create every piece by themselves. Each jewel is in a limited edition and the style is very thin and elegant that makes them very special and easy-to-wear.

Zoaje - Lapis Lazuli GIF Stone.gif
Zoaje - Craftmanship VIDEO BANNER.gif


The brand is around travelling as each set of jewels has a name of a country and the materials come from different places around the world. They use semi-precious gemstones, 14k solid gold, 925 Sterling silver and 14k Gold filled and Rose Gold filled.  Among their stones, you can find Labradorite, Aquamarine, Moonstones, Turquoise, Amazonite, Coral, Lapis Lazuli and many other!

They would always be very glad to create unique pieces for you upon demand.

Camille Clement Drawing by Maud LECHAT

Camille and Clement