Season of Love /Valentine’s Day/



Valentine’s Day is approaching, and even though the Day is about spending time with the one you love, few women can deny that Valentine’s gift warms the heart. 


/french jewelry/

If there’s anything we learned in the past year, we must cherish and show our love to the meaningful people in our lives. We must show appreciation to the people we cherish every time or moment we have. What better way to say “I LOVE YOU” than by giving the gift of timeless handmade French jewelry.


/personalized jewelry/

Personalized jewelry is a great gift idea, making the gift recipient smile. With ZOAJE’s timeless MEXICO necklace and bracelet, you get to gift a unique piece of jewelry by putting together a unique combination of initials, numbers, or symbols that mean something special to both of you. The jewelry could symbolize your relationship by combining your initials with a unique set of numbers representing a special day you share. This could be a memory of something important or an event you’ll never forget. The thought behind the gift should always be love, and our MEXICO set makes the perfect gift as a symbol of your love.



ZOAJE jewelry is hand-made and designed with great passion and love for the art of bringing beauty into our everyday lives. Creations are made of 14k Gold-filled jewelry that will not tarnish and look dull. 

Jewellery completes a look and makes women feel confident. What’s even better than the gift is the emotions and the memory of the person giving you a gift. This is something priceless! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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