/Jewelry Style Tips/

A carefully chosen jewelry set can make any outfit shine and create your very own style. ZOAJE team gathered these few tips to help you style your jewelry:


/build dimension/

When it comes to jewelry, layering is always a hit. The only thing you need to keep in mind is creating a balance while you’re stacking the pieces. You can choose a short simple necklace with a chain and pair it with a longer one of another style, for instance with a gemstone or a pendant. Another essential thing in layering is to choose different lengths of necklaces. It ensures that all the pieces get individual attention and don’t get tangled. Our ZOAJE necklaces are designed at different lengths to be stacked and all feature adjustable lengths to make stacking easy and stylish.


/be yourself/

Your jewelry should reflect your style and personality. It should not just make you look good but also allow you to feel confident. At ZOAJE, we’re all about Slow Fashion, we believe in avoiding blindly following trends but instead, choose the jewelry you feel comfortable wearing, the pieces you feel connected with. The best way to know if you have this connection is to come by our showroom or partner shop, try and compare our designs and let the magic do the rest!


/trust your feeling/

Your earrings grab the most attention out of all your jewelry as it’s close to your face. It is thus essential to choose them wisely.Face shape and hair length are the significant deciding factor when choosing your earrings. Pendant earrings will suit you the best if you have a round face, and light color gemstones will pop more on dark hair tones.  

Another important criterion when choosing earrings is to check how your ears are pierced, find our team for personalized advice, we feature a wide range for you to find the perfect match, from solid gold studs to pendant earrings with gemstones for formal and casual looks.


/less is more/

Try not to go overboard with your jewelry, less is more.
For an effortlessly chic look, try to balance a necklace set with a pair of smaller earrings for instance. Consider jewelry styling as an art and let your creativity do its job.
Check out our timeless collection and create your own style every time you step out of the house.


/strong & determine/

Our collections are designed for mix and match, we offer different sets with the same colors but different designs for you to go wild and avoid the traditional “full-set” look. For example, with our bolder earrings and necklaces, be sure that we have curated a matching collection that will perfectly balance the style to ensure it’s elegant but never “too much”.
If you’re not sure about how to mix and match your jewelry, let our team guide you through this styling journey!  

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