ZOAJE IN AUSTRALIA /launch event/



Our team is delighted to announce ZOAJE launch in Sydney, Australia. More than 50 guests came to our exciting event in the iconic Bondi beach area.  

We are more than happy to have chosen this popular area, often represented by the infamous Bondi Icebergs Pool. It was the ideal location for us as it resonates with our values and lifestyle with our durable and waterproof jewellery collection.


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Our dainty handmade pieces blend effortlessly with the Australian way of life. The high-quality pieces are designed to match this country’s love for the outdoors. The versatile designs also fit naturally with the incredibly diverse culture of Australia. 

We are also amazed by the Australian’s passion for a healthy lifestyle. The dedication to Yoga, Pilates, Swimming and sports in general, is fabulous to witness and we believe our comfortable and waterproof jewellery matches this lifestyle. Our ZOAJE creations don’t cause any allergic reaction, which makes them the ideal choice to be worn every day, everywhere, without occasion. 


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The encouragement and warm welcome to the French style have filled our hearts with joy.

 We are thrilled about this journey and excited to announce that from now on, you can purchase ZOAJE jewellery with free shipping all around Australia. You can now order from our website www.zoaje.com and discover our latest designs.


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We are also planning to collaborate with boutiques in Sydney and attend designer events, we would love to hear from you about the places where you would like to find ZOAJE.

Feel free to dm us, and don’t miss out on checking our website for unique and limited-edition collections. 

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